Happy FRYday loves. You know I’m all about the fries…sweet potato, russet, red bliss, Yukon gold….I don’t discriminate! I used to back in my ED days (thankfully that’s over!) But today I’m sharing some of my tips to get the perfect crispy (on the outside) and creamy on the inside (without FRYING them!) Don’t get me wrong, a good potato deep fried in oil is delicious, but we can make healthier versions that are just as delicious! So here we go: I use these methods no matter what kind of potatoes I’m using.

1. SIZE MATTERS: always cut your fries the same size…this way they will cook evenly when you bake them. Sometimes I like big thick pieces (these are going to be a little less crispy, but you can still get a nice crisp)…other times I like them thin. Whatever you choose, make sure they are uniform.

2. SOAK: Unless I am really short on time, I always like to soak my fries after cutting them. This draws excess starch out. Fill a large bowl with water and ice and soak them for a couple hours. Make sure you drain and completely dry them before moving on…water and oil don’t mix.

3. DO NOT OVERDO THE OIL: I know it would seem that the more oil you use the more crisp, but it is actually quite the opposite. Use a very little amount of oil…just enough to coat the fries and keep them from sticking. No need to overdo it anyway, the point of baking them is to keep them a little healthier. Once you toss in a small amount of oil (I go back and forth between avocado and coconut) then you can season them to your liking.

4. HEAT THE PAN: place a cookie sheet in the preheated oven for about 15 mins before you add the fries. This way once they hit the pan, the crispness starts to form.

5. HIGH HEAT: I always bake my fries on 450…the higher the heat the more the outside will crisp up first.

6. FLIP AND TOSS: I usually bake my fries for about 30 minutes (or more if they aren’t done yet), but about 15 minutes into the cooking I flip them to cook evenly on both sides. About 5 minutes before they are done I toss them once again.

7. OPTIONAL STARCH: after you soak and dry, you could also choose to toss the fries in some starch to add a little more crisp to the outside. I usually don’t do this, but every once in a while I will.

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5 New Recipes to Enjoy

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