Just Eat Real Food by Caitlin Greene

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So excited to announce that I’ve written a cookbook! “Just Eat Real Food” is packed full of 30-minute or less recipes that are nutrient dense with whole food ingredients. There’s no need to sacrifice on satisfaction in your pursuit for a healthy, balanced life!

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Just Eat Real Food by Caitlin Greene

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Instagram Chef and Author Caitlin Greene

About Me

Hi, I’m Caitlin. If you’re seeking a resource for creative twists on healthy food recipes and generally trying to find balance in living a healthy, yet satisfying life – you’ve found it! 

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A review for “Just Eat Real Food”

I met Caitlin when she first started her Instagram account several years ago, and then I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life. Her food matches exactly who she is as a person–approachable, creative, and inspiring. My favorite thing about her food is that the recipes are made with simple ingredients that are readily accessible, and come together in minutes. These days no one was time for labor intensive meals, unless you are someone like Julia Child (who I loveeee BTW!). 

Nicole Modic

Founder of Kalejunkie

Mexican Salmon Burgers, Chili Lime Fries, and Pineapple Jalapeno Cucumber Salsa
5 New Recipes to Enjoy

5 New Recipes to Enjoy

I’ve hand selected a few dishes that I’ve been personally loving lately — to hold you (or your tummy) over until my book launches officially in a few weeks...oh yes, you read that right! Plus, get monthly updates from Star Infinite Food. 

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