Saturday night I went out to a fantastic restaurant right in town: Fuji WOC. I had been to the restaurant years ago before it was upgraded to a new location. I must say, the upgrade was definitely a positive. It was a busy night, but we showed up ten minutes early and the host had a table ready right when we got there. We sat in a comfortable booth in a corner, and it was a very cozy setting. Even the chairs were cushioned, which is always a win in my book. In fact, I gazed over at the bar the stools lining the bar and they were also cushioned. A rare find.

Andrew, the manager, came over to our table almost immediately and recommended a bottle of Saki based on our preference. He gave us special attention and all of the food came out quickly. Andrew made recommendations for some of the most popular dishes on the menu and there was not one thing I ate that I wouldn’t order a second time. He knew of my gluten allergy, and made sure that everything I ordered complied. The saki he recommended was perfect and cleansing in between the different dishes. 

We started with some appetizers, and we went with the Spicy Tuna Lettuce wraps and the Calamari. The tuna lettuce wraps were one of the best things I have ever eaten…crisp lettuce cups filled with fresh tuna tossed in a gluten free Japanese mayo, and mixed with these tiny crispy puffed rice balls. Everything was perfectly garnished and had A touch of freshness. Even the wok-fried calamari wasn’t too heavy and it was served with fresh jalapeños and red bell pepper. A nice touch.  

Andrew surprised us with the Rib Eye Clay Pot along with the Vegetarian delight that we ordered. The rib eye was cut up into these tiny bite sized pieces and sautéed, yet the inside was still a good medium rare. I was amazed that the beef was so tender. Even the simple vegetable dish was delicious, packed with a variety of veggies including some lotus root, one of my favorites, and the crispiest tofu tossed in a light sauce. 

The sushi spread was unlike any I’ve ever had. The presentation was beautiful. Everything from the sashimi boat with the freshest tasting ahi tuna, yellowtail, octopus, shrimp, salmon and sea bass to the scallop roll with real gold. We had another platter with 3 cuts of nigiri sushi and a better-than-classic spicy tuna roll. Again, they adjusted to make it gluten free and added those crispy rice balls to the spicy tuna roll. My absolute favorite plate of them all had three different rolls: the Volcano Roll, Maki Me Hungry and Red Crab Maki. They were all 10/10. Everything from the fresh crab inside of the Red Crab Maki and the fresh mango inside of the Maki Me Hungry.  My favorite roll all night was the Volcano Roll. It was filled with tuna, fresh red crab, lots of fresh tobiko, unagi sauce and those addictive crispy rice balls as a gluten free alternative to the tempura.

Andrew came over to the table before we finished the sushi and told us to save room for dessert. They had a special green tea tiramisu and ice cream coming. The green tea cream tasted like a delicious condensed matcha latte and the ice cream sampler was a dream. My personal favorite was the red bean, sweet and delicious. It was the perfect end to a high quality dinner. I’ve definitely found my new sushi spot. 

Visit FujiWoC:

1420 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169

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5 New Recipes to Enjoy

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