My body and my soul were yearning to get away…to clear my head, disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with my inside world. The past month has been trying, as my boyfriend is working long hours for a work project and I am currently working on my every day work, selling a business, developing content for a food show and launching my new web site. When Getaway House approached me to stay for a night in one of their cabins in the woods I felt like my prayer was answered.

My boyfriend and I packed up some food, hiking gear, water, “Monopoly” and a bottle of wine and drove up to New Hampshire. I was relieved that the house was less than two hours from my house. We arrived around 6 PM on a Thursday with no knowledge except the address and the unique name of our cabin. We drove up to the cutest little cabin with a sign that said “Thao,” the name that I had been texted earlier that day. There was a fire pit outside and a parking space for us. 

We opened the door and the energy was amazing. It was a tiny little mobile cabin with a humble and clean bathroom, tiny kitchen area with a stove top and mini fridge and an array of utensils and dishes, and a small bench table built into the floor and a bed with a glass window behind it overlooking the woods. There was a welcome note addressed to me with a complimentary package to make s’mores, alongside a box to hide away cell phones for the night.

We settled in quickly, made some dinner, poured a glass of wine and enjoyed our night listening to the vintage radio provided by the cabin. As we were enjoying our dinner in peace, my boyfriend perked up, “I would love to own a place like this to escape whenever we needed to.” I agreed. There was this serene feeling in the air. The rest of the night was filled with Monopoly, laughs and rest in the most comfortable bed. I honestly felt like I was in my own bed, I slept so well. 
I woke up as the sun was coming out to the most beautiful forest scenery, which sent me back into a restful sleep. When we finally did get up, I did some yoga by the glass window, made breakfast and cleaned up. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I know I’ll be back. I felt refreshed, content and inspired…all of these had been lacking for the past month. This getaway night was just what I needed. 

5 New Recipes to Enjoy

5 New Recipes to Enjoy

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