Tips for Reducing Food Waste

With global warming and concerns for climate change, it is so important for us to take measures in our own personal life to help combat it. I know some may not be able to financially support more sustainable products. However, there are many other ways we can help with it. I do not believe anyone is perfect, but the small things we can do can add up overtime and make a difference.


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By: Caitlin Greene

Reducing food waste is something we can all start with that can make a positive impact not only on the environment but also on our own health and well-being. Many of us do not realize how much food we throw away every day whether they are from leftover food or imperfect/spoiled produce. Every year, tons of food is wasted and ends up in landfills. By reducing the amount of food wasted, we can better the planet we live in and provide the resources needed for future generations.

Here are some tips I use regularly to reduce food waste and also save money throughout the time. If you have any other ones, feel free to share!

1. Instead of washing strawberries in water, wash in diluted vinegar to keep them fresh longer.
2. Instead of throwing banana peels away, store them in a jar with water for 2-3 days to use as plant fertilizer.
3. Instead of throwing away wilted herbs, chop and freeze them in water or olive oil.
4. Instead of throwing away stale bread, revive the stale bread by running it under water and bake for 6-7 minutes at 300 degrees F.
5. Throwing away broccoli stems/stalks, chop them up and make soup with it.
6. Throwing away beet greens, make homemade pesto with them
7. Throwing away green onion scraps, submerge them in water or soil to regrow them
8. Have extra ripe apples on your countertop? Make homemade applesauce and store them in a glass jar.
9. To keep mushrooms fresh, store them in a paper bag in the fridge.
10. Instead of pouring rice water out, save the water to water your plants.
11. Instead of throwing away wilted kale, revive them by cutting part of the stems off and submerge it in water
12. Instead of throwing away juiced lemon wedges, place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for cleaner dishes
13. Use unsalted pasta water to water your plants instead of pouring them out.
14. Instead of throwing away old sprouted potatoes, cut the potatoes in half and leave overnight to dry; plant each half 12 inches away from each other and wait for them to grow into plants.

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