#NATIONALPECANCOOKIE day?!! I can get down with that! Not sure if this white chocolate-dark chocolate pecan cup or this half eaten amazing slow roasted Pecan Butter from @georgiagrinders is the star of the show here 🤔BUT to celebrate I made this gigantic Cup to celebrate 🎉 

Bottom layer: 1 tablespoon @wildfoodsco cacao butter Middle layer: 1 tablespoon Georgia Grinders delicious pecan butter, one tablespoon coconut oil, one tablespoon of coconut sugar, one tablespoon @nutiva coconut flour Top layer: one tablespoon @nunaturals cocoa powder, one more tablespoon of cacao butter, dash vanilla and a couple teaspoons of coconut sugar. Now that’s how you #treatyoself 😋

Directions: melt cacao butter for bottom and pour into a muffin cup. Place in freezer. In one bowl, Mix together middle layer ingredients (with the oil melted). In another bowl mix together chocolate layer ingredients (butter melted). After a few minutes, remove the cup from freezer and pour next layer on. Freeze for a few more minutes…repeat for last layer! Remove from freezer once it’s set!

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