This is 29 years of life. What has gotten me here? Endless moments of joy, challenging times of hardship, an enormous support system, periods of betrayal, the greatest of friendships, numerous difficult relationships, glimpses of success, large amounts of failure, gains, losses, perseverance, defeat. I’m a perfectionist and strive for excellence and yet I am chalk full of flaws and constantly make mistakes. I’ve been blessed with real-life angels, and some of my most treasured ones have been taken away from this earth far too soon. So many things have been easily handed to me, and others seem unobtainable no matter how hard I try. What have I learned? Life is constantly changing…nothing stays the same. If I try to control it, usually I am left feeling frustrated. If I embrace it—the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly—then I am left with a strong sensation of hope and inspiration. When I keep an open mind, I find there is almost always a solution and sense of fulfillment if I WANT it bad enough. When I keep a good sense of humor, I find that my days are more enjoyable. When I allow myself to be vulnerable and accept my fears, then I realize that scary moments don’t last forever and usually I feel stronger once they have passed. Life is a beautiful mess. My wish for you is to live amongst the mess…hold onto the moments of joy for as long as you can and don’t run away from the challenging ones. Be kind to others, be kind to you, love your enemies as much as you love your friends, love yourself even more, never stop trying and BE YOUR BEST YOU. YOU are PERFECT right now. •

Photo Credit: @askew_view 😘

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