After spending the whole morning in the kitchen baking and tasting (of course), I just wanted something FRESH for lunch. I hit up the grocery store and my local fish 🐟 guy and this fresh tuna steak was on sale! 🙌 so I made a fresh tuna salad with organic arugula 🌿 tomatoes 🍅 cucumbers  roasted mushrooms/asparagus/rutabaga, seared wild Ahi tuna with a black sesame seed crust (seared in @chosenfoods avocado oil), fresh cilantro and shirataki tofu fettuccine noodles 🍝. I drowned this goodness in a dressing made with tahini, almond milk yogurt, sesame seed, minced garlic and coconut aminos. Soooo yummy…feeling like I spoiled myself but YOLO! Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday and ready to embrace the weekend 🙏


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