I have been off on the days all week…anyone else?! I thought it was Tuesday when I woke up! On another note, I have been crazy about big ol’ buddha bowls filled with lots of goods lately! Today was no different. Filled this bowl with organic kale, pan roasted asparagus and rutabaga in @nutiva coconut oil, red cabbage, sprouts, sautéed mushrooms, seaweed shirataki noodles, roasted tofu (marinated in @chosenfoods sesame oil and @thrivemkt coconut aminos), avocado, fresh dill, @pickledplanet I-boost kraut, green onion and @traderjoeslist everything but the bagel seasoning. Also drizzled it with a turmeric dressing I made post picture. It was delightful and fresh! Hope your WEDNESDAY is going as well as mine! 😉Lots of love ❤️ •

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