This weekend was all about seeing friends, family and even pampering myself a bit. I finally went and got myself a massage 💆 yesterday and it was pretty awesome…not one of those super relaxing massages…more like a deep knot-breaking and muscle loosening massages (I need to add yoga back into my routine 😐) After a super sweaty gym session…I went home, made a smoothie and showered and made my way to get my muscles a little beat up (in the best way possible). Afterwards, I guzzled some water to relieve my body of some of those broken down toxins and scurried home because I was HANGRY! I threw this skillet lunch together in my new @staub_usa cast iron skillet…sautéed red onion, cauliflower, zucchini and kabocha squash in @nutiva coconut oil…then sprayed some @chosenfoods avocado oil and added a few egg whites to make a quick frittata and put under broiler to finish it off. Threw some greens, a roasted organic chicken 🍗 breast and a half of a large avocado on top! Drizzled some coconut aminos and some pepper and ate this baby right out of the skillet. Daaaammmm it tasted amazing. 😛I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their Sunday. I know I am 😎

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